Environ Facials
So advanced are the electrical facial treatments from Environ that one treatment is equivalent to seventy seven hours of manual facial massage and allows the penetration of active ingredients in to the skin by four thousand, four times.

Environ Power Facial
This peptide-packed facial helps to boost collagen, soften fine lines and tighten lax skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance, ideal for targeting mature or photo-damaged complexions. The treatment uses gentle sound waves via the DF machine to drive a special nutrient packed serum deep into the lower layers of the skin. The formula contains a unique combination of three peptide complexes which work in synergy to skin a plumper, tighter and more radiant appearance
Environ advanced active vitamin serums, focus hydrating serum and colostrum depending on skin concerns
"This is a product that I believe puts us head and shoulders above any other product in the world. The results are outstanding and compete easily with those achieved using other machines costing hundreds of thousands of dollars."
Dr Des Fernandes
Treatment £80 1Hr

Environ Cool peel Treatment
Environ has the most effective and safest peeling method available low strength lactic acid is used to reduce the skins PH and trigger the release of growth factors creating tighter, smoother skin. It destroys bacteria, boosts hydration and removes the build up of dead skin cells, helping to decongest the surface of the skin and smooth its texture. Ideal for clients with lines and wrinkles, rough or problematic skin, acne sun damage and rosacea. A course of 6 cool peel in-salon treatments is recommended once a week for 6weeks, clients must be acclimatised to AVST 1 before treatment can commence.
 £65   45mins            Course of 6 (buy 5 get one FREE) £325

My skin felt and looked amazing afterwards would highly recommend
— Trish, Rugby

Environ Active Vitamin Treatment Facial (3 areas) 60mins
Environ Advanced Vitamin Facial (10 areas) 90mins
Packed with nourishing, anti-ageing ingredients this facial will leave your skin looking radiant and dewy. The freshest most active forms of vitamin A, C, E and anti-oxidants are driven deep into the layers of the skin using sound waves and electrical pulses. This scientific approach stimulates collagen to soften fine lines, improve elasticity, increase hydration and boost radiance. Suitable for all skin types and particularly effective at treating sun damaged pigmentation, premature ageing, dryness, uneven skin tone & scarring with measureable differences after just one session.
3 areas   £55.00             Course of 6 (buy 5 get one FREE) £275
10 areas £80.00             Course of 6 (buy 5 get one FREE) £400

Environ Frown Focus
This highly effective treatment uses a special serum to target fine lines and achieve dramatic results. The unique combination of dramatic ingredients is driven deep in to the skin to soften fine lines and reduce muscle tension in the forehead to help prevent new lines forming! Frown focus targets the same chemical complexes as injectables but without the associated risks. 
45mins  £80.00                           Course of 6 (buy 5 get one FREE) £400

Hydraboost Facial
The perfect antidote to dry, lack lustre skin this intensive treatment deeply hydrates whilst plumping and firming the skin. Based on hylauronic  acid which holds 1000 times its own weight in water, it helps to reduce fine lines caused by dehydration and increase the plumpness of the skin resulting in moisturised glowing skin!
60mins £80.00                         Course of 6 (buy 5 get one FREE) £400

We also stock Environ skincare to help boost your in salon treatment with a tailored homecare regime to maintain optimin results

My first time having a facial! I can really see the results my skin feels so healthy and I’ve had so many compliments. Such lovely staff,will definitely be going again :)
— Krishna

Glycolic Skin Peel
Encourages the skin to regenerate by stimulating collagen and reduce expression lines and wrinkles hydrating and nourishing the skin. Glycolic is great to help lifting any scarring and reducing age spots in sun damaged skin too. Not only does this peel have zero down time so you don’t have to worry about going back to work...rest assured no snake skin effect with this peel. Just bright, luminous skin with a dewy glow. Course of 6 recommended.  
£80.00                           Course of 6 £400

Genuine Dermaroller
Dermarolling – Often referred to as collagen stimulation therapy or micro- needling is a cutting edge treatment that harnesses your body’s natural healing to tighten skin and achieve incredible results. Dermal rolling produces similar results to dermabrasion, lasers and deep chemical peels but much less invasive. Healing time is significally shorter and suitable for all skin types including ethnic skin and used to treat fragile skin around the eyes, mouth and neck. Especially effective for addressing the signs of visible ageing and is a safe, simple and virtually pain free treatment for: uneven skin tone, stretch marks, lack of skin elasticity, scarring, acne, sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, fine lines and cellulite.
Face £175  Course of 3 £490
Body £175 Course of 3 £490

Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial
This resurfacing and anti-ageing facial targets fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and smoothes out any uneven skin tone. It has been clinically proven to visibly resurface the skin by up to 75% and increase skin smoothness by up to 32% in just one treatment!  For maximum effectiveness a course of 6 treatments is recommended.   
 1hr £70.00                Course of 6 (pay for 5 get 1 FREE) £350

Elemis Visible Brilliance Facial
This anti-ageing face and eye treatment firms, rejuvenates and plumps up the skin whilst reducing dark circles from around the eye contour. Moisture levels of the skin are proven to increase by up to 38% and elasticity by 28% after just one treatment! This superior facial is further enhanced by a luxurious hand & arm massage and de-stress scalp treatment for the ultimate in scientific skin-therapy. Recommended 1 treatment every 3 weeks. Course of 6. 
1hr 15mins £70.00       Course of 6 (pay for 5 get 1 FREE) £350

Elemis Pro-collagen Quartz Lift Facial (for fine lines & wrinkles) 
Providing immediate results in the fight against time, this exceptional face and eye treatment helps to slow down the signs of premature ageing, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and crow’s feet around the eye contour. Specialised lifting massage techniques are combined with unique anti-ageing quartz lift serum & collagen mask clinically proven to reduce lines by up to 94% and improve firmness by up to 57% with just one treatment. This superior treatment is further enhanced by a luxurious hand & arm massage and de-stress scalp treatment for the ultimate in scientific skin-therapy. 
1hr 15mins £70.00      Course of 6 (pay for 5 get one FREE) £350

Elemis Fruit Active Glow (for dull lifeless skin) 
Bring back the glow to a lifeless complexion. Skin is deeply cleansed and stimulated by specialist eastern massage techniques, whilst powerful conditioning actives nourish and renew vital radiance. 
1hr £49.00                 Course of 6 (buy 5 get one FREE) £245

Elemis Exotic Moisture Dew (for dry skin) 
Treat your skin to a moisture boost. Following a specialist facial massage, the skin is fed with thirst-quenching actives that will bring back that healthy, dewy look to the skin.
1hr £49.00                Course of 6 (buy 5 get one FREE) £245

Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair (for perfect restoration of skin balance) 
Deep cleansing to draw out skin impurities, this facial will help reduce unwanted shine, refine the pores and treat skin breakouts.
1hr £49.00               Course of 6 (buy 5 get one FREE) £245

Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair (for perfect restoration of skin balance) 
Deep cleansing to draw out skin impurities, this facial will help reduce unwanted shine, refine the pores and treat skin breakouts.
1hr £49.00               Course of 6 (buy 5 get one FREE) £245

Elemis Taster Facial
The perfect way to experience a taste of the world renowned Elemis Facial. This introductory facial will give a quick and instant pick-me-up for dull, lifeless skin, as well as an excellent pre-make up facial for that very special occasion.
30mins £30.00       Recommended 1 treatment every 2 weeks