The secrets out! For a Classic Look, Here’s the hook… Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to get those perfectly formed Eyebrows? 
The secret is HD Brows it’s all in the art of natural looking sculpted Brows. HD Brows is a high precision procedure that transforms even the most over plucked Brow into its perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. This isn’t just shaping and tidying- HD Brows is Eyebrow artistry. Whoever you are, whatever the state of your Eyebrows, HD Brows puts celebrity beauty within your reach. 
For the Brow obsessed, now you can rest, it’s had the test, we have everything you need! The popularity of HD Brows has skyrocketed and this technique is favored by the elite of the fashion and celebrity sector who are often distinguished by their crisp Brow line. The HD Brow look is not achieved by any single procedure despite taking its lead from the ancient art of threading. It is a unique and revolutionary seven-step high definition process that achieves the final result.  Our technicians have a wealth of Brow sculpting experience and are proficient in each discipline, truly winning the title in being called HD masters.  

I Like It…Our elite shapers provide a Free consultation prior to your transformation where we provide you with a template and action plan of how to achieve the celebrity Brow. 
I Want It…We show you the secret….Shhhh! After your first treatment we ask you to come back for a check up to ensure that your handling your Brows just fine. Our technician spends time with you to show you how you can maintain your Brows using our Brow Beater and a few other secret tools at home. We design you a new template of what you have achieved so far we make sure your completely happy and help out with any tricky situations you may find. After all… that’s what we are here for.
I’m Hooked… We also provide a loyalty card system for those of you that wont go back to homemade Brows again. Once completed treat yourself to a Free HD Brow procedure on us! 

Love my HD brows. Thanks Wendy.
— Julie

Eyelash Tint
Define the natural beauty of your eyes and really wake them up ‘It’s better than a latte!’ by enhancing your lashes the natural way. £12.00

Also great for holidays, defines and enhances your eyes whilst lasting 3-6 weeks.
op Tip: Please remember to remove contact lenses prior to eye lash tinting. A patch test is also required 24hrs prior to treatment.

Brow Tint (too fair to bear) 
Brow tints are a fantastic way to make a small change that instantly waves goodbye to the past 10 years! Suitable for all shades from Blonde Bombshell to those Dark Haired Beauties…Tailored to suit.  £8.00

TOP TIP: To make sure your brows are always looking their best we recommend that you have a regular Brow Tint & Shape every 4 weeks.  (Tint Test required 24hours prior to treatment.) To really go the extra mile why not try our HD Brow Treatment we guarantee you won’t ever miss out this beauty treat!

Eye Brow Shaping & Threading
Us girls at Beautique Maison really know a thing or two about perfect brows that’s why we don’t just stick to one method of shaping we combine waxing, threading and tweaking with our tweezers to ensure your setting the standard. ..After all, all our treatments are result based. As you will notice we always encourage the HD Brow treatment as it delivers expert results every time and suits almost anyone, however until you are brave enough we do still offer the conventional brow shape… relax you’re in safe hands.
Out Of Control Caterpillar Brows/A Few Stray Stragglers £9.00   

i-appeal (Ohh La La Lift Treatment)- There Big… There Beautiful…There Your Eyes, Enhance Them!
The perfect treatment that you have been waiting for! I-appeal helps to gently lift and curl lashes giving the illusion of bigger eyes with luscious lashes. This is the modern way to lift your natural eyelashes without the awful rollers! I-appeal lift and shape uses proven skills and techniques combined with the very latest silicone pad technology which appears to lengthen even the most fine or shortest of lashes. I-appeal can be used to perm, lift, shape or even straighten eyelashes, lasting up to eight weeks with no maintenance!
I Want It… To ensure your lashes achieve the full ‘Wow’ factor we encourage a lash tint which gives a wide awake look and ensures a longer lasting effect. 
I Love It… Why not upgrade your lift and shape with a luxury collagen eye treatment for an extra £8.00
I’m Hooked… Be prepared for bags of attention! Watch out. (Patch test required 24hrs prior)

Let’s Go lash strips
Our strip lashes are firmer that most traditional lashes and we have a fantastic 20 styles to choose from…What a choice! Let’s Go strips come in a range of styles such as…Heartbreaker, Tease, Temptress and Flirt, they offer a wide selection of different looks perfect for any occasion or even every day! They include a natural ‘I don’t even know there not real’ to Cheryl Cole eat your heart out!  We even cover every aspect of the look you want to achieve by offering styles that really are unique to the rest, including a fantastic strip for bottom lashes.
I Want It…We also provide a Free ‘keep me box’ and mini glue perfect size for that partying clutch bag, Use these to protect and perfect your lashes when needed.
I Love It…We also have a range of adorable makeup including real 24karat gold dust to compliment your eyes...don ‘t forget to collect points for these on your loyalty cards…after all points mean prizes! 
I’m Hooked… We provide a service to apply your lashes for that perfect event and ensure they are secure.  Rest assured we always go the extra mile for our clients and offer A Smokey eyes with lash strip service to make sure that you really dazzle on the dance floor!
Let’s Go Lash Strips  £8.95
Let’s Go Lash Strips With Smokey Eyes £16.95
Let’s Go Lash Strip & Application £10.95

Absolutely lovely lashes I can’t stop looking at them, an outstanding job!

Let’s Go Lashes
‘If we were stuck on a dessert island and could only pick one Beauty treat it would have to be Let’s Go Lashes, there a Must! Drop in any time.’ Get the lash in a flash!  Let’s Go Lashes are the ultimate way to get Longer, Thicker, Luscious Eyelashes quicker than any other Eyelash extension treatment. A natural set can be created in just 20 minutes! Lashes last from an astonishing 2weeks and are extremely versatile. They offer any look from natural/massacred look to glamorous and even a couture designer look. If you have a special occasion why not add a hint of colour to compliment your eyes, but for the real Wow factor try our bottom Lashes for a bright eyed look and keep count of how many friends ask ‘ what’s your new mascara!?’ …everyone will be convinced they are real.
I like It…We provide a Free consultation with our highly qualified Lash technician prior to your treatment to ensure we tailor your Lashes to suit you and ensure that your end result couldn’t be better! 
I Want It…A Free Lash removal is available so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
I’m Hooked…We also provide a loyalty card system for those of you that can’t bear to live without these wonderful things, Once completed take full advantage of your Free set of Lashes on us!
TOP TIP-Add bottom lashes for the ultimate Wow factor! To really bring out the natural beauty of your eyes why not have a Eyelash tint to enhance your features (Tint test required 24hrs prior.)
Let's Go Lashes               £45.00 (including removal)
Bottom Lashes                      £15.00
Colour                                       £7.50
Couture Designer Look     £15.00

Occasion Lashes
Have a perfect Lash effect for any occasion to create Fuller and Thicker Eyelashes.  These temporary Lashes give a great look for Party Lashes!  Perfect for any occasion such as prom, birthday parties, girls night out, hen party or even just to give fullness.    
Occasion Lashes     £20.00
Removal                     £5.00